Your Guide to the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands

Museums of the Drakensberg Region

There are arguably more museums in the Drakensberg region than any other area of South Africa. And with good reason. The rise and dominance of the Zulu nation, the arrival of the Voortrekkers, the British colonial influence and, of course the wars that ravaged the country, have all contributed to the museum movement.

The museums listed here are a sample of what you will find in the Drakensberg region as you explore the area. They vary in size and content from small specialist exhibits located in one or two rooms of a local parsonage to the Talana Museum complex, near Dundee, which is situated in park like surroundings on a portion of the battlefield of Talana, where on 20 October 1899, the first battle of the Anglo-Boer War took place.

Every museum and exhibit is well worth a visit. The artifacts, information and photographs on display offer a fascinating insight into the varied past of the region.

Drakensberg Museum - Fort Durnford in EstcourtOverlooking Estcourt is the Fort Durnford Museum, a fort built in 1874 to protect the people of the town against attack by the Zulu nation. In the grounds is a reconstructed Amangwane Zulu kraal.

The Greytown Museum is housed in an old veranda house, with much focus on military memorabilia, as well as displays that include a Victorian children's room, a Hindu and Muslim room, a Zulu culture room, a blacksmith's forge in a coach house and transport exhibits.

The Mission House Museum in Hermannsburg reflects the life of early German settlers. Fort Amiel Museum in Newcastle houses a cultural and historical museum, while in Utrecht the Old Parsonage Museum portrays the border dispute between the Transvaal and Zululand.

The main theme of the Winterton Museum is the geology, fauna and flora of the Drakensberg.

In Ladysmith the Siege Museum includes a diorama depicting the town and surroundings at the time of the 118 day Siege.






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