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South Africa

South Africa - Land of Diversity and fun filled holidays

South Africa really is a whole world in one country. European city life, western culture, modern health care, a well maintained network of roads and a functioning economy are combined with the ancient beauty of the nature and traditional culture of the African continent, which never fails to enchant us with its unique wealth of plants and animals.

The variety of scenic landscapes in South Africa is fascinating as well, ranging from burnt-out deserts and arid savannahs through idyllic green rolling hills and fertile valleys to dramatically shaped alpine mountains with snow-covered peaks. A couple of thousands of kilometres of coastline hem South Africa. Rough, melancholy and harsh in the west, the beaches on the east coast are mild and Mediterranean, and the north-east coast is tropically warm.

The great variety opens up innumerable ways to spend a South Africa holiday. Enjoy leisurely walks in the lovely mountains of the Wine lands, a beach run on the wild Atlantic coast, fly-fishing for trout in the Natal Midlands or playing a game of golf on the worlds best and most beautiful courses. Delight in a drive through the glowing desert and a glass of excellent wine on a veranda in the Cape Town sunset. Enjoy French, Malay or Indian food or have a braaivleis - barbecue - at the beach. Go shopping in exclusive boutiques or admire African arts and crafts at a colourful street-market. Explore the African bush on safari, watch elephants having a bath at a waterhole or lions hunting their prey.

And of course there are many more options. Get ready with a first impression of South Africas diversity. In this introductory menu we have collected some information on five main attractions: the Kruger National Park in the north-east, the Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu Natal, the Kgalagadi Park in the Kalahari desert, the Garden Route with its stunning beaches and indigenous forests and, last but not least, Cape Town, "The Fairest Cape," including the charming Cape Peninsula, the Wine lands and the West Coast.

South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa

South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa